WK 11 – Media & Representation

“Bringing with me the conviction that architecture and the visual arts were closely allied, I was soon struck by what seemed at the time the peculiar disadvantage under which architects labour, never working directly with the objects of their thought, always working at it through some intervening medium, almost always the drawing, while painters and sculptors, who might spend some time on preliminary sketches and maquettes, all end up working on the thing itself which, naturally, absorbed most of their attention and effort.”

(Evans, Translations from Drawing to Building P.156)


zumthorbruderklaussmall.jpg?w=380&h=244.jpegScreen Shot 2016-11-02 at 11.16.28 AM.pnghttps://middletonvanjonker.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/zumthorbruderklaussmall.jpg%3Fw=380&h=244


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